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My Library

I love books.

There, I said it.

Yes, I am painfully aware that technology books are often outdated by the time they appear on Amazon (ouch!). And I am aware that books are not at all ‘green’ (I know it should nag my conscience whenever I buy one, but it just doesn’t). I am also aware that books are no longer considered practical by many (I might just be the only person on the entire planet who does not own a Kindle).

However, in my defense, I probably consume as much online content as any successful digital businesswoman. From Email to Gmail to Facebook to Instagram to LinkedIn to Pinterest to Twitter to…well, you name it and I am constantly on the Internet connecting with brides and grooms while marketing my photography business.

But…wait for it…I still enjoy a good book.

This is a small sample of books from my personal and professional library that I enjoy.